Rice Cake Production Line

Rice Cake Production Line

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Production line including 30 x Rice Expanders, packaging machine and feeding system.

Line includes locally manufactured 30 x Rice Expanders (3 heads/form of each expander),

production capacity depends on raw material (type of grain) and machine settings.

For example, customer made 2200 packages per hour from brown rice (each package has 14 slices of square cakes, and is 130grammes) all 30 expanders were in operation for this production.

It is 17 cakes per minute for every 1 expander. At this output the packaging machine and feeding still runs with approx. 30% reserve of its maximum capacity.

Expanders were made in Year 2007, no labels, PLC for each expander works individually, no central driven. PLC Teco TG607. General Repair 4 years ago including electricity and new PLC Siemens S7-1200. Automatic feeding for expanders can be added to sale if needed.

Also including a

TEVOPHARM CM6 Packaging Machine, and a HOUDIJK Feeding System. 

Also with a 15litres Rice Hopper, manufactured by KERAMOSTROJ.


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