Snack Pellet Frying Line


Item # 8250 - SNACK PELLET FRYING LINE capacity 400+ kg/hr Pellet Frying & Flavouring line type PP400 (400+ kg/hour) + ROVEMA bagger and YAMATO 12 head scale. Manufactured by FEN/KUIPERS Including: FEN Model BTA60 pellet dosing table/conveyor FEN Model BE40 inclined conveyor feeding doser FEN Model PDS30 vibratory feeder with weight control Model PCF60 fryer with shaker screen on exit with oil recovery Flavouring Drum with aroma doser Inclined transfer conveyor to packaging Yamato Multihead Weigher Rovema bagging machine selling "as is and where is"


ManufacturerFEN/ Kuipers
Stock Number8250