Brand New BETAFORM Biscuit Breaking/Crushing Machine

Brand New BETAFORM Biscuit Breaking/Crushing Machine

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Biscuit Breaking Machine

PBKM-PAS-Y500-KIR-3-5 EL2000 Product Capacity 150-250 Kg/H. Main Product Dimensions 3-5 mm. Biscuit Thickness 3-8 mm 

PBKM-PAS-Y500-5-8 EL2000 Product Capacity 200-350 Kg/H. Main Product Dimensions 4-8 mm. Biscuit Thickness 3-8 mm

PBKM-PAS-Y500-8-12 EL2000 Product Capacity 300-450 Kg/H. Main Product Dimensions 8-12 mm. Biscuit Thickness 3-8 mm

1- Biscuit Crushing Machines are horizontal.

2- Biscuits into the Horizontal Biscuit Crushing Machine are manually dropped into the machine inlet chamber. 

3- Horizontal Biscuit Crushing Machine has 2 apparatus and is suitable for manual and automated use. 

4- Existing Biscuits will be manually dropped into the appropriate Shredding Hopper on the Machine. HORIZONTAL Machine automatically breaks (pieces) on the Biscuit Crusher unit, which is supplied automatically

5-The sieving process is 2 Kinds of Sieving Units and the products are divided into 3 or 4 groups. 

7- For the screening process, see the Vibratory Screening Unit Brochure. 

8- Ideal Product for DESSERTS, PASTRY, Chocolate, Biscuit Sector and Ice Cream Sector..