Chocolate Chip / Drop/ Button Production Line


Item # 8243 - CHOCOLATE CHIP/DROP/BUTTON LINE, Manufactured by LOW & DUFF Macintyre. 1000mms wide, SANDVIK Steel Band Conveyor. Model PD10, Piston Type, with 2 x Depositing Heads included (one for chips as small as 1.5mms diameter, and one for buttons between 18 to 30mms diameter), running on real chocolate (No Temperer included), Suitable for making chocolate chips as small as 1.5mms diameter, and up to chocolate button size of about 32mms diameter, Capacity of line is around 3500-7500 chocolate chips per Kgs (about 200-300Kgs per hour, depending on product size). For Buttons, it is around 500 per Kgs, depending on product size. Covered Cooling Tunnel is about 22metres long with Cold Air Cooling, R401 Gas. Total length about 26metres. Fully programmable control system for Depositing Head, Belt Speed, etc. Restrictions of sale do apply, not available to customers in UK and Ireland (please contact us to register your further interest).


ManufacturerLOW & DUFF Macintyre
Stock Number8243