Mogul Plant

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Mogul Plant


Item #8719 - MOGUL PLANT

Manufactured by MAKAT

Model HLM-35

Running at around 18 Trays per minute.

With One Depositor for single colour products.

Including about 5000 x Tray, with sizes : Inside Width : 375mm. Outside width : 400mm. Inside length : 780mm. Outside length : 820mm 

3 x Depositing Plates & 3 x Forming heads are included, for shapes : Diamond, Round Dome & Heart.

220 nozzles per plate. 4,5 mm diameter. 1 depositor stroke = 1 entire tray = 220 products.

Was working on Chocolate Truffle Production deposited into Cocoa Powder. 

Working with cocoa means the owner has strict cleaning plans and the line is very well maintained with annual maintenance

This line is stopped production around September 2022

Also including : cocoa fines recovery and filtration system, sprinkler (cocoa powder or starch), Screw for mixing aromas or ingredients above the depositor, bulk product exit conveyor, set of steel pallets for stacking wooden trays.


Stock Number8719