Coffee Bean Roasting Plant


Item # 8215 – COFFEE ROASTING PLANT Manufactured by PROBAT Model RN750R COFEE ROASTER Natural gas 407kw, 350,000kcal/h Roaster capacity is maximum 160kg green beans Plant Includes 10-section Green bean silo (each can hold1.6 tons) approx 3.6m diameter x approx. 7m high, roaster with aftercooler Roasted bean silo (6 compartment each holding 750kgs) 3.6m diameter x 6.5m high... When originally installed by Probat the silo height was half of what it is today, the owner has had them increased to increase capacity, this can easily be reversed should a new owner wish. 4x static degassing bins for ground coffee Conveyors, weighing stations In production until February 2020


Stock Number8215