Selmi 275 Chocolate Moulding Line


Item # 8214 – MOULDING LINE Manufactured by SELMI Model Moulding Line 275, production of solid and hollow chocolate products extremely compact dimensions Year 2018, Including : Depositor, Automatic Mould Loader, speed around 6 moulds per minute. Mould size 275 x 175 mm also adapted by current owner to take 275mm x 135mm With mould vibration With optional Mould Turnover Device for producing shells. Electric specification: 400 V three phase 50 Hz Power required: 2 Kw - 16 A - 5 poles Dimensions: h. 1700 mm, w. 2350 mm, d. 1000 mm NOTE, THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TEMPERER


ModelMoulding Line 275
Stock Number8214