Klockner Hansel Sachet Filling Machine


Item # 8199 – SACHET FILLER
Manufactured by KLOCKNER HANSEL
Model LA-160
230/400Volts, 3Phase, 50Hz.
Recently out of production,
was being used to fill sachets of powders, emulsions/gels (Hibar filler) and could also do tablets into sachets.
Maximum sachet width of 160mms, maximum sachet length of 140mms,
roll diameter of 400mms, roll width of 320mms,
maximum rating of up to 240 sachets per minute,
photocell on film feed for printed film.
With tear notch for easy opening of sachets, product outfeed conveyor,
ex. Pharmaceutical factory use.
Also with a HAPA Hapamatic Film Printer, for the packaging materials.


ManufacturerKlockner Hansel
Stock Number8199