Coating Pan


Item # 8067 – COATING PAN
Manufactured by MANESTY
Type Accelacota 75
Capacity up to 75kg batch depends on the (weight) of the tablets. If you use very heavy tablets, you will need up to 75 kg to have a full tablet-bed.
If the weight of the tablets is low, the tablet-bed can be full with only 50 kg. So, the weight not really the issue, it’s more the volume
For film-coating. This machine has a perforated pan.
with “FlowTab” spray-system with peristaltic pump (Watson Marlow 604 U/R)
2 spray-guns, machine serial number 7507NO
915mm diameter perforated pan (3-17 rpm)
Inlet air unit, double steam-generator, exhaust air unit, filters included
The steam-generators are relatively new.
The machine is has been fully checked by Manesty a few years ago. The valve in the outlet-air is not working, but it is not needed it to control the airflow.
The machine is complete and in operation, and possible customers can check the machine working on site.


ModelAccelacota 75
Stock Number8067