Chocolate Enrobing Line 600mm

Chocolate Enrobing Line 600mm



Manufactured by NIELSEN

600mms wide, 

Year 2018

NIELSEN Junior Energy Enrober

Comes with additional quick changeover tank.

The enrober is equipped with a 1500 mm infeed table.

Total enrobing, for example for candy bars or cake rolls, with precision adjustment of coating thickness using a combination of blowers and shaker.

• Bottom enrobing, for example for cereal bars or chocolate cookies.

• Combined bottom and side enrobing with variable height.

• Partial or edge enrobing using special accessories, for example of biscuits and cakes, by separating the chocolate curtain to include or exclude specific parts of the product.

Dimensions: Band width 620 mm. Band height 1000 mm. Length (without infeed table) Approx. 1200 mm; Width Approx. 1156 mm.; Height Approx. 2005 mm

NIELSEN Cooling Tunnel

Band width 620 mm. Infeed table (extended for up to 4 operators) 3,000 mm

Cooling section length 15000 mm.  

Take off table length 300 mm

Instead of the standard cooling capacity 6200 kcal/h in the cooling tunnel, the owner upgraded the cooling tunnel to have cooling capacity 8600 kcal/hour (10 kW) based on cooling media (refrigerant) R404A.

The system includes the dehumidifier, the air heater, the air cooler, and controls.

Also including 

AASTED SuperNova Energy 450-P Chocolate Temperer, 

with a capacity (based on chocolate with standard viscosity, yield value and a particle size of max. 25 μ mm) up to 450 kg/hour.

Also Including 

Detempering Unit, Type 2m2-500, capacity up to 500 kg/hour. (For deseeding tempered chocolate it is vital to re-melt all crystals by reheating the chocolate to 45°C, before it is returned to the tank.)

Also including Chocolate Pump, Type CP41. Stainless Steel Pipework.

Still running in production until December 2022.  


ManufacturerNielsen / Aasted
Stock Number8646