Brownie Bites Production & Packing Line


Line used to make small chocolate coated brownie squares with added vitamin supplements, packed in as individual pieces in a vacuum pack with carton outer
Capacity 1400 bites per minute
line with very little production time (age 2005, 2006, 2007)
For sale as product no longer to be manufactured by owner
Mixing station for brownie mix with melting tank, Planetary mixer with 4-bowl stations and bowl tipper
Vemag HP15C extruder onto oven belt.
APV Baker oven with cutter and separator
Nielsen cooling tunnel for first stage cooling, yr 2005
180deg conveyor to Nielsen Junior Enrobing Machine.
Nielsen cooling tunnel for final cooling, yr 2005
(3) x Nielsen 1000 litre melting tanks for supplying the enrober, yr 2005
Loma IQ2 metal detector
(2) x Bosch Delphi pick and place robots to transfer product to the vacuum forming machine
Multivac R530 thermo tray forming machine with 763 hours production time, yr 2007
(2) x Bosch Cobra Carton forming machines
(2) x Bosch Paloma pick and place robots
Mettler-Toledo checkweigher
(2) x Bosch 820E Carton Closing machines
Also included are the following items purchased with the initial line but never installed. These items are on their original skids or in original crates.
1 each Multivac R530 thermoforming machine
1 each Bosch Paloma pick and place robots
2 each Bosch Delphi pick and place robots
Various Bosch flat top conveyors, 90°, 180°, and straight
In excellent condition, still installed, no longer in production. could be shown under power


Stock Number8154