Item # 8151 – TOFFEE PRODUCTION & PACKING DEPARTMENT This group of equipment comprises Toffee Kitchen and Two lines for sale – to be sold together. For best quality results of product, as some equipment can be used for both product types. The lines share the cooking equipment – the BCH cooker used to melt and mix the ingredients, then transferred to vacuum cooker for final cooking and vacuuming, then the cold tables for cooling, then the pulling machine for aerating, then extruder (or, in some cases, batch roller and rope sizer), then cooling band, then die former (or Nagema EW5 for wrapping of regular toffees) then cooling tunnel then double twist wrapping. LINE 1 - Centre Filled/Regular Toffee Cooking, Production & Packaging Machinery. Currently set up to run Cut & Double Twist Toffees about 6.7gramme, measuring 25 x 15 x 13mms, rated at about 1200Kgs per shift. Also LINE 2 - Centre Filled Toffees (like Eclairs) about 4.5-5gramme, measuring 20 x 10 x 10mms, rated at about 800Kgs per shift. Machinery included: BCH Cooker, Vacuum Cooker, Type CT300, Six (6) Cooling Tables, plus Two (2) SS Cooling Tables. YORK Chiller for these Cooling Tables. HOBART V140L Planetary Mixer, with 3 x Bowls, whisk attachment, used to prepare the sweetened condensed milk, cocoa, etc. for the toffee lines. HANSELLA Pulling Machine, LOYNDS Toffee/Candy Extruder, with LOYNDS Filling Pump for centre filled toffees (like eclairs), NAGEMA Batch Roller, NAGEMA Rope Sizer, NAGEMA EW5 Cut & Double Twist Wrapper, Strada Type Die Forming Machine. HANSELLA 3-Tier Cooler, Two (2) LOYNDS Double Twist Wrappers for toffees.


Stock Number8151