Item # 8150 – TABLET PRESS Manufactured by IMA KILIAN Model Synthesis 700/ZS Tablet Press, Type 63/IPT-B, This machine has a 51-Punch TSM-D Turret, the tablet press is fully instrumented and has a software upgrade giving the option to adjust tablet weight, thickness and hardness while in the “Production” mode. This upgrade prevents the loss of tablets during minor adjustments by not having to switch from “Production” to “Set-up” mode. The machine was a demo unit with a B tool 63 station turret when originally purchased from Killian. Current owner then had them equip it with a D tool 51 station turret. This is why the nameplate identifies it as a 63- station B turret machine. Maximum tablet diameter of 24mms, rated at up to 550,000 tablets per hour.


ManufacturerIMA KILIAN
ModelModel Synthesis 700/ZS Tablet Press, Type 63/IPT-B,
Stock Number8150