Liquid Bottle Filler & Cap Tightening Machine

Liquid Bottle Filler & Cap Tightening Machine



single lane bottle filling (2-head) and screw cap tightener

manufactured by CMW AUTOMATION (UK) 

year 2011 

Used for filling bottles of soaps/sanitizer

Output Speeds: Approx 30 - 40 bottles per minute, subject to product type and fill volume

both round and square with pump lids and also screw caps of varying sizes as the filling heads can be adjusted to suit various size bottles and the capper the same can be adjusted for various size lids.

Manual empty bottle loading

Model DPS2 twin head volumetric product depositor, suitable for filling liquids and gels. The depositor mounted onto a stainless steel box section frame, with height adjustment for different sizes of bottles. 

The depositor with an adjustable filling range of 150gm – 500gm and fitted with a positive shut-off filling nozzle to control the accuracy of fill into the bottle. The nozzles will be “rise & fall” to dive into the bottle during the filling process.

Fill volumes up to 1ltr bottles or even up to 5ltr on a double draw. 

Conveyor belt 150mm wide with “single point” adjustable guide rails, enabling quick size changeover between different sizes of bottles.

Fitted to the conveyor a pneumatically operated gating mechanism designed to hold the bottles stationary whilst filling is carried out.

A free station for the hand placement of caps / trigger caps onto bottles. The operator will be responsible for placing the trigger cap onto the bottle in the correct orientation.

Automatic Cap Tightener with torque heads that can be adjusted for different cap types

Possibility of adding two more filling heads at a later date.

Line length of 5m. 


Stock Number8621