Frozen Cone Chocolate Moulding Line

Frozen Cone Chocolate Moulding Line


Item #8596 – Frozen Cone Moulding Line

Manufactured by AASTED

Model Universal Moulding Line 275 Mini

Rated at around 10 moulds per minute, Mould size 275mms.

Was previously producing Pralines, Balls, Bears/Cats, Christmas Tree/Snowman

Line including Four (4) Depositors :

EP2 Depositor

ECR Depositor

RP-2 Depositor

RP-2 Depositor

Also with Frozen Cone Forming/Stamping Unit

Plus Cooling Tunnel and Closing Section, and GUTTRIDGE EasyFlo Ingredient Feeder.

Including about 3500 various moulds, with 28 forms per mould,


Model275 Mini
Stock Number8596