Chocolate Temperer

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Chocolate Temperer



Chocolate Temperer, with Chocolate Pump & Chocolate Tank, Filter and De-tempering tube

Manufactured by SOLLICH

includes :

SOLLICH TT500 Airo Tempering Machine,

500Kgs capacity, 400volts, 50Hz.

The Turbotemper Airo can be used for superior aeration. The patented system does not beat but gently "folds" the gas uniformly into the chocolate without reducing the tempering quality. Tempering and aeration takes place in one machine. Where not required, the gas injection is simply turned off. Depending on the rheology of the mass, the formula of the mass and the type of gas used aerations up to 0.4 specific gravity can be reached. If desired, automatic and continuous measuring of the density and automatic gas injection is possible.

SOLLICH HE 4,5-2,0 De-Tempering Tube

SOLLICH SPN500G Chocolate Pump,

SOLLICH RTS1000 Chocolate Tank, 1000Kgs capacity, 400Volts, 50Hz.

Inline Filter


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