Bar Forming Line

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Bar Forming Line


Item # 8575 - BAR FORMING LINE

The line is capable of doing cereal / muesli bars and also the protein and fruit based bars with edible wafer paper on top and bottom - in Germany they call them "Fruchtschnitten".

(little used) Equipment was installed from summer time 2008 on and has been running a limited number of hours only

initially designed to produce 30 grs. bars with appr. dimensions of L110 x W25 x H12 mm at an hourly output of up to 360 kg - around 12,000 bars/hr.

The width of the sheeted Cereal Mass is 350 mm and after the pressing roller and integrated cooling tunnel, the cutting of the sheet is performed by (15) driven rotary knives into 14 rows or lanes. 

After cutting the rows / lanes will be automatically spread by means of a spreading device at working width of appr. 550 mm (belt width 600 mm) followed by mechanical guillotine, adjustable up to 100 strokes/min.

Length, Width and Height of bars can be adjusted via respectively the Guillotine or by means of repositioning the Cutting Knives on shaft and/or adjustment of thickness of sheet coming from 3-roll sheeter.

The line consists of: 

* Inclined Screw Feeding system to hopper of 3-roll sheeter, mounted on a mobile frame work - the infeed hopper and the screw housing are double jacketed and provided with E-elements for heating the water inside;

* CAPWAY / Rijkaart Sheeting line / Cooling Tunnel / Longitudinal cutting / teflon coated adjustable Spreading facility/ incl. of compressor and evaporator for cooling tunnel. Working width of the line is 600 mm;

* One locally built in-line flowpacker capable of running at a max. of 40 bars/min.;

Major part of line in stainless steel design, the equipment was new in mid 2008 but has been running a very limited number of hours since. Has been well maintained by the owners and is in an excellent working condition.

Please note: - the Cereal/Muesli preparation (locally manufactured kitchen for the dry ingredients and liquids) is not included / not subject of sale


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