Cereal Bar Forming Line

Cereal Bar Forming Line



It can produce  cereal bars, oat bars and any similar to them product, e.g.: cereal bars with chocolate chips, cereal bars with fruits etc.

Manufactured in China, with High Quality Electronic Brands

Many parts in the finish of the line have been constructed locally in Greece, like cereal collectors at the end of conveyor belts and many more.

Year 2016, only ever used for Lab Testing. Line is CE Marked.

Production line width : a) Begins with 56,5cm.  b) Middle section: 62cm.  c) End of line-separator blue sector: 100cm.

Width of product: 3cm (can be changed, would require any company to construct standard knifes in different width). 

The line production capacity is around 110kg/h depending the product that is produced. 

Only used for small lab quantity tests. Estimation of worked hours: around 30h.

The line is very simple to operate, and can be modified according to the needs of producer.

Line includes : 

1. Easy and understandable control panel operating system,

2. 2 double jacketed hoppers (for preparing the glycose syrup)-1 completely unused,

3. 1 hoper for cereals and elevator  (screw type),

4. Double jacketed pipe lines connecting 2 double jacketed hoppers with buffer syrup depositor,

5. 1 Buffer syrup depositor,

6. 1 Mixing depositor (cereals + syrup),

7. ~ 12 meters conveyor belt with cutter for cutting the product,

8. The machine has the vertical rolling cutters (width) as standard and the operator can change the parameter of cutting length so producer can get the desired  weight result of product

9. Stacking system that holds the bars horizontally,

10. Bars separators going to 2 directions with high sensitivity sensors and high speed belting system,

11. 2 Flow pack machines, identical model machines running at up to 350 packs per minute, per flowpack.

Option#1:Together with the production line the owner can offer vacuum system for the steam (placing above the 2 syrup depositors) 

Option #2: The owner has 2 Trane air conditions  (models: 1998) in good working condition.

All in good working order, still set up on the factory floor, 


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