Continuous Drum Roaster (peanuts/ cocoa nibs/ cocoa beans)

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Continuous Drum Roaster (peanuts/ cocoa nibs/ cocoa beans)



Manufactured by PROBAT

Model Rostomatic 460 R

Natural Gas 400kw, 346,000 kcal/hr

Originally designed for roasting peanuts. This version for short-term roasting (approx. 8 min. Nominal) but with an apron belt cooler. With peanuts at (240 kg / dm³) and a short roasting time, this results in about 1000 kg / h. With peanut kernels (500 kg / dm³) that could be 2000 kg.

Possible to roast cocoa nibs/ cocoa beans. Roasting time for cocoa is ultimately a matter of taste, the short-term drum at 8 minutes roasting is about 1800-2000 kg / h. If the taste does not achieve the desired result after 8 minutes with an increased roasting time capacity reduced to maybe 1000-1500 kg / hr

The system - together with the various conveyors and containers for nut processing - was equipped with a catalytic converter. the exhaust air first goes through the heating furnace and is thermally pre-cleaned. It then leaves the system at a temperature that is already required for the catalytic converter.


System includes BAUERMEISTER storage hoppers (pre roast and after roast), automatic dosing, and transfer conveyors, buffer silo for roaster

SCHUKO Vacomat 2000

SCHEUCH clean air system

With all ventilators, cyclones, ducting, controls, support framework, chimneys and dust extraction

Currently installed in a factory and due for removal January 2022. Last production run September 2021.


ModelRostomatic 460 R
Stock Number8560