BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal


Item # 8119 – BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal including : Product Elevator Feeder, on wheels, to feed product into Weigher. EASIWEIGH Twin Head Linear Weigher, Model MIDI, has been used for weight range from 200 to 1000grammes, (minimum weight normally 25g depends on product up to maximum 2kg) all stainless steel, dimpled lining, Then through to GAINSBOROUGH GV Bagging Machine, up to 50 bags per minute, (was running at about 15-20 bags per minute). Including one size of forming shoulders/tubes for 135-140mms wide pillow bags, various bag lengths, 300mms film width. With exit conveyor This was packing shredded chocolate & other assorted sweets (including dragees, gums & jellies).


ManufacturerEasiweigh / Gainsborough
Stock Number8119