One Shot Depositor

One Shot Depositor



Manufactured by POMATI

Model OSD Zero

Special upgraded version of the machine, also added to package an extra device for macron production. 

Extended possibilities of use for chocolate (pralines, filled chocolate bars, filled sticks, filled drops) and pastry (macrons, eclairs...).  

It is possible to obtain finished products with a quantity of filling up to 80%. Each nozzle can deposit 25g, so 12,5g each piston. 100g bar scan be dosed with 4 or 5 nozzles dosing plate. The owners include 3 and 4 nozzle dosing plate.

Technical features 

Structure Entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel

Mold/blister 275 x 175 – 275 x 135 mm (width)

Dispenser Standard dispensing system with 2 X 5 pistons

Dispenser Hoppers are heated separately. Heated dispensing valve

Productivity per hour 35 Kg with a weight of the finished pralines of about 10 grams

Conveyor Belt Removable conveyor belt

Cleaning Automated cleaning

Mechanical features The primary movements are activated by a servomotor

Power 100/240 volt – single-phase Hz 50/60 – Kw 1

Dimensions 960 x 500 x (h) 1450 mm

Protection for baking tin with a guide from 400 to 600 mm


ModelOSD Zero
Stock Number8534