two NID Starch Mogul lines

two NID Starch Mogul lines


Item # 8414 - Two STARCH MOGUL LINES with KITCHEN (moguls lines available separately)

Kitchen includes pre-mix tank installation; product colour mixing installation; dosing vessels, storage tanks, mixing tank installation, preparation tank installation; big-bag setup; aerator for foam masses

The route in the kitchen was: preparing premixes of 1000 kg (two tanks per line). Heating the mass with two Bosch cookers per line. Vacuumise and buffering into tanks (one per line, approx. 1000 kg). After this pumped the mass to an CFA-system (eventual aeration) and then the mass is pumped to the moguls. The kitchen could be separated into two parts.

Line 1.

• NID Mogul with 1 depositing head (6 colours) type M301S,

• Starch trays

• Sugar drum + steam belt

• Oiling drum

• This line is without a dryer and cooler because we only produced dried products on this line

Line 2.

• NID Mogul with 2 depositing heads (6-colours for the first, 3 colours for the foam) type M301S,

• Starch trays

• Sieving station

• Powder buffer

• 2x Vortex dryer

• Dust extractor

• Cooling screws

• Candy Cleaner

• Sugar drum+ steam belt

• Oiling drum

The total amount of starch trays (with starch powder) is approx: 75.600 trays (plastic).


ManufacturerNID and others
Stock Number8414