Hacos Cluster Forming/ Depositing Machine


Item # 8291 - CLUSTER FORMING MACHINE/ DEPOSITOR Manufactured by HACOS Model MDS OD-6 NOOT it can deposit nuts and inclusions in chocolate directly on a belt or on plates Has been previously overhauled including a new set of nozzles (a total of three nozzle-bars is included), all electronics have been revised, a new thermostat was installed and the machine has been thoroughly tested. It had a complete new stainless frame (including wheels) and new Festo pneumatic pistons were installed. A start-stop belt in 400mm width and including vibration section is included. There are 6 depositors with different outlets (small, medium, large) and a cutting knife at the bottom. The tank is water-heated and regulated by an Omron E5CJ thermostat and has a stirrer. The machine is able to dose different sizes and shapes with different types of material. Previously tested with chocolate-peanut mixtures.


Stock Number8291