Item # 8288 – COMPLETE CAKE PRODUCTION & PACKING LINE Used to manufacture single portion cakes with injected cocoa/caramel fillings and chocolate topping with decoration, can do single colour batter or two colour batter for marble/mosaic cakes Capacity between 27,420 pieces/hr for 50g product to 32,175 pieces per hour for 30g product Year 2014 Including: (2) SANCASSIANO planetary mixers model PLT-C 600 (used for dough mixing) and PLT-C 200 (used for sauce mixing) each with removable bowl. Associated stainless steel ingredients tanks, (4 pieces 2.5 ton, 3 pieces 5 ton, 2 pieces 8 ton) pipes etc TRIVI Cake Line with oiling machine, batter depositor – two depositors so it can make 2-colour products, TERMOPAN model CR-2500/28- 2C indirect cyclothermic oven 2.4m x 28m baking area. Mesh belt. Natural gas 350,000kcal/hr. Year 2013 Baking time depends on products but for example 50 gr cake is 20 minutes baking time (10 minutes to 50 minutes possible). There are 2 chimney and 2 burners WESHAUPT G3/1-EZMO brand (2-zone) TRIVI conveyor belts to injection depositors for filling, TRIVI needle type unloader to place cakes on conveyor with option to turn over cakes, Two TRIVI spiral belt coolers, total time 30-35minutes and then conveyors to transfer cakes to the chocolate enrobing line Second TRIVI sauce depositor to put sauce on the cakes etc with pre-deposit aligner Includes tray washing & drying machine after unloading Conveyors to ARCAN Chocolate Enrobing Line (year 2013) with residue blower on entry model UTB1000-2 Enrober model UKP-TW-1000 (1m wide) with decorating option (second chocolate colour) , Cooling Tunnel model UTN 1.0-42-38000 (42m long) Conveyor transfer system to (3) x flowpack wrappers, manufactured by NOKTA model Velopack 1000 year 2014 Each machine capable of 400/500 per minute with METTLER TOLEDO Metal Detectors on infeed and product aligner conveyors Tray size 800mm x 650mm 1500 cake trays included 207kw 400/380v, 3ph, 50hz 350kg/hr steam @ 3bar Includes also KOMSAN air compressor and receiver tank Also HVAC system Also NK Power Generator


ManufacturerSancassiano / Trivi / Termopan
Stock Number8288