850mm wide Chocolate Enrobing Line


Item # 8281 – CHOCOLATE ENROBING LINE 850mm wide previously used to coat rework biscuits in a thick milk chocolate at around 600kg per 8 hour shift (higher capacity possible depending on chocolate used). Also suitable for coating cakes etc. Belt running at 9 ½ minutes cooling time Very little production time. Manufactured by METRA (Italy) Includes METRA chocolate enrober with built in tempering Model TR 850F Top or bottom coating or both simultaneously With blower Enrober has additional baffle control to assist in temperature control of the curtain of air from the blower (temperature vital to quality of finish) With detailer Enrober belt is removable for cleaning and comes with trolley With separate external chiller unit model ENR.016/BPA VSW – to replace non-operational unit built into enrober (that can be unbolted and removed from the enrober) 415volt, 50hz Stainless steel METRA Cooling tunnel Model TF850 x 10000 415v, 50hz Stainless steel with fibreglass covers, 5 lift-able covers Up to 10cm height aperture With auto belt tracking and tensioning With adjustable baffles for air flow controls Air flow directed under the belt as well as circulated over the top with indirect cooling - 105mm INFEED TO COOLING TUNNEL - 7500mm COOLING TUNNEL - 700mm OUTFEED FROM TUNNEL - 700mm DISCHARGE BELT (800mm WIDE) FEEDING OFF TUNNEL BELT - 500mm STAINLESS STEEL DISCHARGE CHUTE


Stock Number8281