Item # 8178 – STARCH MOGUL Manufactured by WERNER MAKAT model PMU-15, up to about 10-15 trays / min. Was running at 10 per minute. Depending on the Mould Board (number of pieces per tray) and the product piece weight, you can get an indication of capacity. Roughly, they were producing around 680Kgs per hour, and potentially up to about 450 tonnes of product per month. Suitable for tray Size 820 x 400 x 33mms high, including starch tray De-stacker on infeed & stacker on outfeed for wooden starch trays, The mogul is in U-shape configuration, layout drawing available, so the cleaned product comes out from the destacker and cleaning section and was fed directly to an enrobing line (not included). 2 x Depositing heads (One for 4 x Colours). The piston diameter is 13 mm. The pistons are positioned 4х42 pieces. The depositing of 1 candy is fulfilled by 1 cycle of pistons, 4 pistons are dosing 1 candy. The filling of a starch tray is done in 3 stages, each covering 2 rows of candies in a tray. The minimum dosing is zero and the maximum volume corresponds to the piston stroke - 35 mm (piston diameter - 13 mm). A variety of Products/Shapes are incorporated, there are over 10 mould boards available, 8 are wood based and the rest are metal based. Unit to Clean & Condition the starch powder, Product Discharge, Stamping & De-Starching of products. Included are Metal Bases or Pallets for stacking 2-Rows of wooden trays, they are about 89 of these pieces available, which are all compatible with the MAKAT Stacker.


Stock Number8178