Wafer Line


Item # 7234 - WAFER PRODUCTION LINE Including – WAFER SHEET OVEN Producer: Gocmen Turkey Number of moulds: 36 Dimension of wafer sheet : 27x37 cm Energy source: Gas With the equipment is a platform for making dough and pump for automatic dispensing of dough to the moulds. Baking is automatically activated and deactivated. - WAFER CREAM SPREADING MACHINE Manufacturer: R & D Engineers In offer included: - CR Spreading machine - CR5: CR Brass Pad: 220 x 130 x 24 - CR5: Creaming Knife – WAFER COOLING TOWER Manufacturer: GUSU Food Machinery In offer included: - 100 wafer books cooling tower. Dimensions: height: 2000 cm, length: 5500 cm, width: 3500 cm - 5H.P. air cooling, PLC + Touch screen - Conveyor all in SS304 - Lift conveyor, all in SS304, 3000kg/hour height of hopper 900mm, with vibrator – WAFER SHEET CUTTER Manufacturer: R & D Engineers In offer included: - Conveyor T05 -Wafer turning device - Conveyor C3 - Wafer cutting machine WC5 - Automatic wafer cutting machine - Wafer distributor WFD-II - Wafer cutting frames Line in good condition, only used for testing


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