Hacos Chocolate Depositor


Item # 8177 – CHOCOLATE DEPOSITOR Manufactured by HACOS Model MDS Twin 1D 60 3x380V 50hz, 20a Capacity up to 20 moulds per minute Maximum depositing 2 x 30 nozzles Maximum deposit per stroke 30 pistons :452.40 cm3 - But as there are 2 sides 60 pistons:904.8 cm3 Per stroke Hopper to fill two moulds of 275x205 at once with one type of mass.Also including two Hoppers to fill two moulds of 275x205 at once with different type of mass. - it is possible to deposit with some ingredients up to 3 mm - diameter inner nozzles 1,6 cm (7.5 cm length) Water Heating and cooling Spare parts - Separated hopper - Tumble axis - Stops - Pistons - Depositing plates


ModelMDS TWIN 1d 60
Stock Number8177