Pyramid Teabag Machine


Pyramid Teabag Machine


Item # 8153 – TEABAG MACHINE, PYRAMID & SQUARE BAGS with ENVELOPE Manufactured by WOOSHIN F-A&T (South Korea) model: COMPO-mini 3400.and COMPO 3400EH year 2017. - Packaging capacity: 50 Tea Bags per minute (four load cells) Packaging method: 3 side sealing and cutting by ultrasonic Bag size Triangular: 50-80mm(each edge) Rectangular: 50-60(L) x 40-80(W) Machine dimensions. W1250 x D650 x H2000 mm Weight: 350kg Electricity: 220V/3.0kW/1P Air Consumption: 300lit/min., 5-6kgf/cm2 - Envelope size (L)80-90mm x (W)100-105mm Packaging method 3 or 4 side heat sealing Dimensions (WxLXH)EH:1900x80x1230 mm Weight 350kg Electricity 200V/3.0kW/1P Air Consumption 200lit/min., 5-6kgf/cm2


ModelCOMPO-mini 3400.and COMPO 3400EH
Stock Number8153