Rolled Wafer Stick Production & Packing Line


Item # 8146 – ROLLED WAFER STICK PRODUCTION & PACKING LINE including (3) x WAFER STICK ROLL BAKING OVENS TYPE EWB 2,2/4 IG incl. 3 Batter depositors, 3 Cream filling equipment and 3 bi-colouring wafer sticks units. -Manufactured by HAAS -Gas fired. - Output for each line: approx. 18.000 pieces / hour, considering a stick length of 100 mm and a layering pitch of 25 mm. approx. 56 kg/hour (unfilled wafer sticks) (final output depends on recipe and local materials). COOLING TUNNEL made by HAAS Type KKSB-23, 23m long, 1.4m wide, with brand new refrigeration compressors. BATTER & CREAM PROCESSING UNITS Manufactured by MEMAK, Turkey (installed in June 2019, Test run only): - 1 MKPD-1000 Sugar Powder Mill. - 1 MKYE-1600 Fat Melting Tank. - 1 MKOH-1650 Chocolate Pre-Mixer. - 2 MKCM-600 Chocolate Ball Mill. - 2 MKST-2500 Chocolate Resting Stock Tank. - 1 Chiller. - 1 Dough Mixing. - Including hot/cold water circulation system, pumps, valves, jacketed pipes, Tees, Elbows, Butterfly Valves, TIG welding machine… etc. Air compressor, ATLAS COPCO, GA22 (installed in June 2019): - 1000 Lit. pressurised air cylinder. - Air dryer and separator. Automatic Rotary Feeding System with auto tray loading machine Kendy, China (installed in June 2019, Test run only): - Automatic rotary feeding system - Centrifugal bowl feeder - 90 degree feeding system - Automatic tray loading device - Counting and distributing device - Pusher device on top - KD-300 flow Packaging Machine - Stacking machine Plastic tray forming line for the product


ManufacturerHAAS / MEMAK/ KENDY
Stock Number8146