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Item # 7003 - (3) x Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machines
Available separately
Used to wrap Galaxy Eggs
Available circa February 2017
Manufactured by Rasch
Model RU
No product no foil sensor
Photocell for printed film
Egg infeed included
Item # 7002 - (3) x Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machines
Available separately
In production until around September 2016
Manufactured by Rasch
model RU
Each with string attachment
Each with easy tear attachment
Used to make chocolate bell christmas tree decorations
Each around 90 per minute
Upgraded controls to Allen Bradley Microview
No product no foil sensor
Photocell for printed film

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Item # 6878 - (3) x CHOCOLATE FOIL WRAPPING MACHINES FOR LARGE HOLLOW FIGURES (can be sold individually)
For Chocolate figures (symmetrical / non-symmetrical)
Manufactured by RASCH
Model Fi 4
Ran at speeds of around 65 per minute – (speed depending on product and wrapping materials)
Can be hand loaded, these machines did have a pick and place robot to load from the line but these are not included
Photocell fitted for printed aluminium foil
Vacuum unit included to remove waste foil cut-offs
Product dimensions Fi 4: Height: 80 - 180 mm Width: max. 80 mm Diameter: 30 - 65 mm Ø
Wrapping material width: 100 - 250 mm
Cut length: 125 - 250 mm
Space requirements Fi 4: Length: 3250 - 3700 mm x Width: 1900 mm x Height: 2090 mm
Capacity Fi 4: up to 50 items/min.
Weight Fi 4: 2700 kg
Power input Fi 4: 3.5 kVA
The machines are mounted on a heavy construction frame with wheels and locks so they could be moved into the production line when required
Item # 6844 – DOUBLE TWIST WRAPPER for chocolates & jellies etc
Model CHD/L
Continuous motion high speed wrapping machine for deposited or enrobed chocolate products with or without centre-filling, jellies and other products in double twist wrap or »protected twist«
current set up for chocolate article format 34.5mms x 17.5mms x 14.5mms high.
Output - up to 1300 pieces/min
Product dimensions Length: 20 – 45 mm Width: 12 –25mm Height: 6 – 16mm
Including Infeed Conveyor System 

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Manufactured by OTTO HANSEL
Model HPU-Z Universal Foil Wrapping Machine.
With format sizes for:
Egg: 12g (Ø 34mm height 50mm)
Egg: 20g (Ø 45mm height 65mm)
Figure: Ø30mm height 60mm.
Rated at up to 90 pieces per minute on single wrapping, and 180 pieces per minute on twin wrapping.
Can be used from the smallest sized individual chocolate up to a maximum of about 140mms long x 60mms wide x 40mms high.
Smallest wrapping material cut off is 40 x 40mms, largest is 200 x 160mms.
Manufactured by LOESCH
Model LTM
foil & label wrapper, single stage, foil from reel, label from stack.
Fully enclosed envelope wrap
rated at about 30 per minute,
last used on a 100gramme bar, measuring approx. 155mms long x 78mms wide x 9mms high.
Comes with a PAFRA PRESSURE Glue System, for either spots or line of glue. With change parts this machine is suitable for moulded or coated bars of 100g up to 500g in size
Speed 80 to 160 per minute depending on product and wrapping materials
Item # 6701 – DOUBLE TWIST WRAPPER – for chocolate balls or hard candy
Manufactured by NAGEMA
Model EU4
Fitted with one infeed reel for a single layer foil wrap,
Speeds from 300 up to 500 per minute
currently set up for 18-20mms diameter chocolate balls (can work on round or oval shapes).
The EU4 can wrap solid or filled pieces (up to 35% filling) or round, oval or angular shape
Piece size range: length 20-40mm: width 13-25mm: thickness 6-16mm

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With parts for chocolate balls and flat bottom chocolate pieces
Manufactured by NAGEMA
Model EU5
Chocolate Balls, 25/28mms diameter,
including a Linear Aligner/Feeder for flat bottomed products,
Rated at maximum speed of 350 per minute,
suitable for product sizes of 20 to 40mms long x 13 to 35mms wide x 8 to 16mms high.

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Manufactured by RASCH Model RUEA2 Wrapping Machine,

currently set up for piece size it is set for is 50 x 40 x 5mms (mini-bar).
with foil fed from reel and label fed from stack.
fully overhauled by RASCH in year 2006
Rated at about 120 pieces per minute

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Item # 6559 – (3) CHOCOLATE FOIL WRAPPERS for chocolate eggs or balls – available separately
Manufactured by OTTO HANSEL
Model X8005,
with feed-plates for solid 7grammes chocolate eggs (measuring approx. 28mms long x 14mms wide).
All machines are fully guarded,
With vibratory hopper feeders.
Suitable for chocolate eggs up to 35mms long and 12 to 15mms diameter, and for chocolate balls 16 to 25mms diameter.
Rated at around 500 pieces per minute.
Bunch style wrap, end fold with final smoothing.
Manufactured by NUOVA FIMA
Model W012
Fold Wrapper for chocolates (Wallet Wrap),
including Product Aligner/Feeder.
Rated at up to 400 pieces per minute,
suitable for minimum size 15 x 15 x 5mms and maximum size 50 x 32 x 27mms high.
Hot glue applicator.

Manufactured by EUROSICMA
Model Euro-80 High Speed Flowpack Wrapper,
Including Rotary Turntable & Infeed Conveyor.
Last set up & running a small chocolate measuring 40 x 20mms wide, at about 400 packs per minute.


Item # 6293 - Chocolate Packing Line - Machines could be sold separately
Set up for packing 12 small chocolate pieces into a thermoformed tray, heat sealed top which can be peeled back and then into carton
Machines available separately or as a line.
80 per minute if using the heat sealer or hp to 100 without
Chocolates manually loaded onto infeed conveyor
SCHUBERT packing robot. Picking 12 at a time and loading into 6 separate trays
With type STB transport band
With SNC F2 robot arm
With LAUER control panel
90deg pusher arm onto conveyor feeding
SEALPAC 350 tray sealer, 3 at a time
Conveyor with turning rods to
LOESCH cartonner for chocolate bars and similar shaped items. Model LTM K-SA
SIEMENS Simatic OP7 controls
NORDSON glue unit
Carton of 100g chocolate. Tuck closure
96mm x 190mm x 15mm
Individual chocolates 35mm x 22mm x 6mm


Manufactured by OTTO HANSEL Model Speedy 7211 Chocolate Bar Wrapper,
Was running on a 50grammes bar, measuring approx. 114mms long x 44mms wide x 10mms high.
With glue unit, On the infeed to the machine is also included a GORRING KERR Tektamet Metal Detector 200mms wide x 20mms high aperture.
ran at around 120 bars per minute, suitable for maximum bar size of 140 x 65 x 12mms and minimum bar size of 70 x 20 x 4mms.  Foil & Label both from Reel.

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Manufactured by PACTEC
Model FPC1
Piece size range length 20 to 40mm, Width 12 to 35mm, Height 5 to 20mm
up to 1200 pieces per minute,

Including electrical cabinet
Including infeed aligner system 3500mm long x 650mm wide






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